Our mission is first of all to ensure selling KARATAŞ modern agricultural machinery and its other products in Turkish market and over the world by producing innovative products and services and stregthen its superiority.





  Karataş will become an exemplary model in the Turkish economy and the agro-cultural sector in terms of cost, price, delivery time and with its official dealers and services in favor of satisfying customers in today's competitive environment.

 Company maintain the basic principle in the sales and after-sales services of Karataş products, to meet a customer satisfaction .

Our Quality Policy

 Our main policy to provide customer demands and meet expectations in best possible way within uninterrupted international quality and standards on design, production, purchase, sale and after-sales services of Karataş products. Also to educate and train employees on technical knowledge, quality and efficiency. Our main philosophy is to maintain the sense of morale and satisfaction in their work and to arouse the consciousness of responsibility.

 The main goal is to contribute to the market with affordable price by doing risks and opportunities in our favor , in order to avoid faults which make costs, within Karataş organization by cooperating with dealers, services and suppliers. Cooperation with strong suppliers , who give importance to quality of raw material and material stock, who deliver and provide in time that we demand, is one of our policies.

  Our inherent principle is to meet the requirements of the quality management system and to improve its efficiency in order to increase customer satisfaction by working with trained and experienced employees.